Physical Examination

The most important part of your pet’s veterinary visit is a complete and comprehensive physical exam. A complete physical exam has many parts to it that helps ensure the optimal health of your pet. A thorough history, hands on physical exam, home environment, assessment of your pets health status and plan for the future.

It is recommended that your pet have a physical exam yearly if there are no medical conditions to address for the first five years of life. After that, twice annual physical exams are recommended. During the physical exam Dr. Lauren is able to evaluate the overall health of your pet and provide her with what is your pet's normal exam should your pet become ill in the future. Without prior examinations it can be difficult to find subtle changes in your pets physical being.​

If it is a first time examination or your pet hasn't had an examination in years, it is critical for your pets health for you to make the first step and schedule an appointment.

Along with the physical exam, laboratory tests, heartworm protection and external parasite prevention, Dr. Lauren will tailor a specific vaccination program for your pets needs as part of the examination.

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